Account Based Marketing

Account-based marketing is a B2B marketing approach focused on marketing and sales team working together to target the best accounts in the market and turn them into potential clients. With the evolving technology, marketers are always hunting out potential clients and with this model, they can focus on the highest ROI and can get the attention on the high-value accounts in the market. While keeping account penetration in mind, account-based marketing helps to reach to a certain level. It is a model which looks out for targeting higher-value clients and try to cater for them with the best possible results.

With the implementation of the ABM model, we can improve ROI, generate more conversions, align sales and marketing and drive attributed revenue for the client. Back in the days, it was very expensive to scale ABM due to the high level of customization. With today’s evolving technologies, it’s easier and affordable to scale and implement ABM for various organization and markets for higher-value outcomes.

Why Choose Us?

Outstanding performance in Account-Based Marketing campaigns

Subscription to databases and access to various intelligence tools

Successful completion of account mapping of 5000+ companies

Team of trained experts on the domain, research & lead generation

Tensai's approach towards ABM

Case Study

How Tensai created a high target oriented demand generation strategy for a leading IT company?