B2B Appointments Setting

With the business, many people have the question of what is my target audience? What types of business are best for my product or service? We have answers to all of your questions from small scale to large, we know how to grow your product or service in the desired market.

Today all businesses are technology-driven and for that, we need to be fast-paced and well connected with our prospective customers to sell our product or service.

Keeping this in mind, we apply the B2B appointment scheduling which is a sales development activity-based model that involves an experienced sales representative calling, following up, nurturing sales leads. The B2B appointment service aims to set an appointment we the potential lead so that an experienced representative can explain the product to the customer in details and can close the deal at the same time.

Tensai has gained immense experience in executing appointment fixing campaigns for Tier 1 sales team in India and helped them to penetrate in named accounts. We have not only worked extensively on appointment fixing with decision-makers in the industry but also we have helped their sales executives to further penetrate into the named accounts by connecting them with other influencers in the industry.

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