The New Normal 2021.

The COVID-19 Pandemic has transformed the world’s behaviour towards living and its effects will continue to stay. Many factors have raised after the pandemic hit and businesses needed to adopt different strategies and processes to continue their businesses. With technology and digital solutions, we have learned to assimilate into the digital transforming lives. Businesses spent the last complete year scrambling to adapt extraordinarily. 2021 is the year of transition, and people from various regions have started back to normalcy to shape their future rather than grinding the hard past.

The next normal will be extremely different and will not be similar to the previous years. The upcoming generation will discuss the Pre-COVID era and Post-COVID era. This new normal has shaped various industries and business domains to a large extent and have made it compulsory to adapt to newer ways and technologies for the betterment. With this, the Marketing domain has evolved rapidly, and various companies have started using these technologies. Here are few ways the industry have adopted the change and gave priority.

Digital Advertising

With many countries applying stricter lockdown, traditional marketing took a hit and various organisation has to focus on digital advertising of their brand. New normal gave us a “Digital First Approach” which expanded the reach of the business throughout the globe. Many small organisation came up as successful brands in the market and have said to have followed the Digital First approach which helped them grow. We at Tensai have mastered the art of digital advertising and have helped different organisation to grow in the pandemic through various digital solutions.

Digital Events

Events are the most important part of the marketing industry but due to the new normal, all the events were organised on digital platforms. With the rapidly changing technology, digital events have gathered the pace and many organisations are adopting it as a platform to reach the maximum audience using digital platforms. Tensai has organised various webinars and digital events for various clients and have reached a maximum audience and made all the events successful.

Social Media Marketing

As we all were locked up in our houses, social media usage increased more than 120% throughout the globe and marketers and various companies have leveraged this opportunity and marketing has been the top profession and used ways of media to reach the various audience. New normal has given us a platform so huge to market that we have shifted our focus from traditional marketing to social media and digital marketing. Our aim at Tensai is to provide a holistic digital approach to our clients and make sure they stand out of the box in their marketing campaigns.

The bottom line of marketing is that the pandemic had changed the fundamental way of how we do business might be forever, but we are now adopting newer technologies, newer processes and a completely new lifestyle. We look forward to increasing marketing efforts and strategies at Tensai while adopting the new normal trend.

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