account based marketing

With Tensai’s ABM strategies, we flip the script on traditional marketing. Instead of aiming for a broader audience, we direct your efforts towards high-value accounts with personalized strategies. We craft a bespoke experience for each account, addressing their unique pain points and aspirations for collaboration between marketing and sales.

We create a seamless journey for your target accounts, from the first touchpoint to closing the deal. Furthermore, we foster relationships, establishing your brand as a trusted partner. Ultimately, our goal is to convert potential leads into long-term, committed clients.


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Effective Audience Target

account based marketing

Utilizing Advanced Account Identification

How Do Intent Data Platforms Work 2

Intent Data

Predictive Model

Our Approach

Accounts Selection
Persona & stakeholder profiling
Campaign planning and activation
Content analysis and creation
Carving personalized approach 
Tracking & Reporting progress
Execution of multiple nurturing campaign
Campaign conclusion report

Effectiveness Success metrics

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Conversion Probability

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Account Expansion

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Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

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Influencer Appointments Secured

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