Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is one such key solution that provides an excellent opportunity, right from targeting ideal customers to cost-effectively improving conversion rate and gaining more valuable traffic to your company’s website and social media. Digital Marketing a must tool for every business in the market for greater sustainability. 

Tensai provides online business visibility and draws the roadmap for clients to connect with their potential customers at the right time. We are so ingrained in digital marketing that we always strive to come up with the best suitable and creative strategy which is in line with our client’s requirements. 

Services and Offerings

Electronic Direct Mail

As a digital marketing strategy, EDMs utilise various forms of communication to deliver a campaign. These communication channels can involve remarketing advertising, PPC and social media campaigns, with the goal of building consumer loyalty and generating conversions.

Value Proposition

Stronger Client Relationship


Analytics and Reports​

Useful Audience Insights

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Blogging is the key component to any digital marketing strategy. With blogging, you are able to form an important medium to convert visitors into customers.

Value Proposition

Brand Awareness

Builds Trust

Generate Leads

Increase in Website Visits

Case Study

As a digital marketing strategy, Case studies are extremely effective in the consideration stage of the consumer’s buying journey. The case study helps in actively comparing solutions and providers to solve a problem they’re experiencing. 

Value Proposition

Website Design & Development

Gains Trust

Generate Leads

Helps in Competitor analysis

Social Proof

Build a lasting impression on your clientele with our specialized web and app development services. Using state-of-the-art advanced languages & conversion rate optimization techniques, we deliver high converting websites & apps for clients.

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Lead Generation

Consumer Insights

Content Syndication

Content Creation is a foundation stone of marketing. It has a remarkable impact as it’s really cost-effective, helps you to improve SEO performance and boost brand awareness. Thus, content creation and content syndication go hand in hand. Content Syndication is a practice of republishing the same piece of content such as an article, videos, infographics, etc. on one or more digital channels to grow the outreach of the content.

Tensai's Approach for Content Syndication

Social Media Marketing

Email Marketing

Creative Visuals

A digital and creative model that can aid your business in various ways to grow in a shorter period by reaching billions of people using social media channels as a medium. Creating & posting creative content, blogs, infographics, polls and various case studies that showcase your business success which helps drive more attention to build a social media community where the audience can ‘share’ and ‘like’ your content. 

Social media has become the go to marketing tool for many companies and is the most efficient way to attract consumers and also to engage your existing customers. If implemented at the right time, you can see outstanding results in a relatively short span of time. While working with our clients, we do a deep understanding of your brand and the nature of your business. This allows us to create an effective strategy that suites your business, and implement it efficiently so you get the best results.

At Tensai, We believe in integrated marketing campaigns that are innovative as well as effective. Digital Emailers are the best channel for targeting customers through web/mobiles. Through emailers, we target a specific group for the best possible outcome.

We work closely with teams to align their organizational goals to the needs of their customers for exceptional brand experiences. Our team can help you with logo design to complete visual branding.

Case Study

How Tensai created a tailor-made content-oriented strategy for a leading consulting company?

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