Driving Unparalleled Brand Awareness and Engagement: A Successful Campaign for Mysa Zinc Journey

About Mysa

Mysa Zinc Journey by The Fern is a luxurious resort located in Nani Devati, Gujarat. Situated within the beautiful Glade One Golf Club, this tranquil oasis offers 24 rooms and suites that combine contemporary design with traditional Indian charm.


  • Collateral Creations
  • Social Media Management


Digital marketing (social media)




Nani Devati, Gujarat

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The objective was to elevate brand awareness, boost engagement, and create a strong social media presence in order to attract the local elite class as the target audience.

Campaign Duration

6 Months


Brand awareness and positioning in the market through strategic management & impactful branding


Social Media Marketing: A robust social media marketing plan was implemented to ensure consistent growth. Engaging and visually appealing content was created, including stunning photography & Videography and behind-the-scenes glimpses. The content focused on showcasing the hotel’s luxurious interiors, picturesque landscapes, spa treatments, culinary delights, and personalized services.
Swipe-Up Ads: To increase brand visibility and direct traffic to key landing pages, we implemented swipe-up ads across popular social media. These ads featured captivating visuals of the hotel’s luxurious, serene landscapes, and exclusive amenities. Compelling ad copies were crafted to entice the target audience, highlighting unique experiences and offerings. By leveraging swipe-up ads, we effectively drove engagement and potential customers to visit the hotel’s website for bookings.
Golf Influencer Collaborations: To leverage the hotel’s exclusive golf course, we partnered with golf influencers who resonate with the high-end audience and have a passion for the sport. These golf influencers experienced the golf course firsthand and shared their experiences on their social media platforms. Their posts highlighted the meticulously designed course, its stunning beauty, and the unparalleled golfing experience it offered. This collaboration authentically positioned Mys Zinc Journey as a premier destination for golf enthusiasts and further enhanced brand reputation.


Impressions and Reach: The campaign generated impressions across social media, significantly expanding the hotel’s visibility.
Engagement and Interactions: Social media engagement witnessed a substantial increase, with an unprecedented number of likes, comments, and shares. The Influencer collaborations and interactive campaigns effectively encouraged conversations and user-generated content.
Follower Growth: The campaign resulted in a notable surge in social media followers, establishing a strong online community around the hotel.
Website Traffic and Bookings: Swipe-up ads and a strategic call-to-action approach effectively drove relevant traffic to the hotel’s website, resulting in increased bookings and revenue.


By leveraging swipe-up ads, strategic influencer marketing, golf influencer collaborations, and compelling social media marketing, we elevated brand awareness, increased engagement, and established a thriving online presence for the hotel. The campaign’s immense success underscored the effectiveness of our digital marketing techniques and reinforced Mysa Zinc Journey’s position a premier luxury destination for the local elite class in Gujarat.
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