Duravit enhanced it’s positioning in the market with Tensai

AUTOAID company

Duravit bathroom ceramics and bathroom furniture series are designed by renowned designers and manufactured by experts.


  • Research
  • Event Management
  • Branding and Communication
  • National and International Campaigns
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Hornberg, Germany

Company size

7,000 (2022)


End-to-End Event and Branding Campaign for Enhancing Brand Awareness and Positioning


Brand awareness and positioning in the market through strategic event management


Research and Analysis: We conducted a thorough market analysis to identify target audiences, competitors, and industry trends. Comprehensive research was done on Duravit’s products, brand values, and target demographics to align the campaign with the company’s goals.
Event Management: A high-profile launch event was organized to introduce Duravit’s bathroom ceramics and furniture series. The event featured renowned designers, industry experts, and influencers to generate buzz and create a memorable experience. Engaging activities, such as interactive product showcases, live demos, and Q&A sessions, were incorporated to allow attendees to experience Duravit’s products.
Branding and Communication: A cohesive branding strategy was developed to ensure consistency across all marketing channels, including digital and print media. A captivating brand message, “Upgrade Your Everyday to a New Level of Comfort,” was created to resonate with customers and convey Duravit’s mission. Engaging content, such as blog posts,videos and email newsletters, were crafted to increase brand visibility and create a strong online presence.


  • End-to-end event received extensive media coverage, resulting in widespread brand awareness and visibility.
  • The campaigns enabled Duravit to penetrate new markets and reach a wider audience.
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