Implementing People Process and System ?

When an organization is set up there are many factors that influence the success of the organization. Majorly three factors directly influence the organizations future whether that organization is failing or scaling and those factors are People, Processes & Systems. Various organizations and companies have high-level managers and top leaders who focus on one aspect, but for a successful organization, all three must operate seamlessly for an organization to develop into a successful organization.

Let’s deep dive into these factors and know more about them why they are important to a successful organisation.

People    “People don’t leave organisations or companies, they leave people.”

Hiring, firing, recruiting and taking care of the employees are the key tools to growing companies and organisations with great teams. Building teams at the organisations allow people to effectively build a global organisation that allows seamless international network and collaboration. People’s ability to work collaboratively enables people to transform, create uniform processes and get leverage to build a better path forward. Managing people and making sure the workplace had a cooperative aura, describes the vision of the organisation or the company. Transforming leaders, managers, workers and developing them into better employees must be the top priority for every organisation. In today’s world, every organisation wants to hire the best talent in the market, but won’t consider investing in them to make them leaders of the future. Organizations are built by the people, for the people.

Processes    “Optimal the processes are, the more the gains are.”

A company with the best hires on board might not be a great company as they might lack processes for work. Even the top mind can be stuck if the process is not correct for an organisation to work on. Without the right processes, an organisation cannot scale. Processes can be as small as maintaining the filing system in the offices to the hierarchy of the positions. The bigger the organisation, the bigger the problems are and the manage those efficiently employees need to flow a certain process to make the job easy for the organisation. With various processes in place, it makes employees more efficient as a resource and gives them a space for self-improvement which indeed improves operational and financial gains for the company. A perfect connection between people and process is critical for an organisation to scale.

Systems    “Systems are designed for faster and accurate approach.”

With the proper set of people and processes in place, an organisation needs to have a proper set of systems. Systems allow us to automate things that otherwise need to be executed manually. Data is the most important asset of any organisation and with a proper set of data, an organisation can get real-time information that can indeed change the way we do business. Systems are the backbone of any organisation as everyone is dependent on accurate data and automation for the work. Having best in class systems allows an organisation to leverage information to drive business change and become best-in-class.

To conclude, every organisation needs these three powerful pillars to make it a successful organisation. Many businesses have failed or didn’t scale enough because they lacked one or two pillars in their business. Establishing a successful organisation and maintaining it we all need these three pillars to balance our organisations.

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