Hybrid model of B2B Appointment fixing and MQL Campaign

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Meetings delivered

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Demand Genration




Cary, North Carolina, U.S.

Company size

6400 (2023)

About SAS

SAS is a proven leader in analytics market from last 45 Years And working across 146 industries globally


SAS Viva

Campaign Duration

2 Months


SAS was unable to penetrate in to enterprise and mid-market accounts, to generate new business opportunities.


SAS is a proven leader in analytics market from last

B2B marketing teams often spend upwards of 40 hours a month formatting and processing leads for database upload


With a list of Named accounts and Target segment provided by SAS, Tensai designed a campaign based on hybrid model i.e. combination of  B2B Appointment fixing and MQL campaign.

Strategy 1 : Appointment Fixing

  • There was a need to create an awareness in named accounts. The focus here, stayed on reaching out to all decision makers and fix meeting with the SAS account managers.
  • Sending out teaser emails, running strategic LinkedIn Campaigns, followed by reaching out over the phone to share relevant details about the solution and to further check interest, is all part of the planned campaign.
  • This helped SAS account managers to understand organization’s current IT infrastructure, challenges if any and accordingly create demand for SAS solutions

Strategy 2 : MQL

  • As Tensai took to save the day, it was important for us, to tap the right designations and follow a process to generate demand in the given target segment.
  • We focus on NA (Need & Authority) for MQL model which helped SAS account managers to get a clarity on the IT infrastructure details.
  • We targeted 20-25 meetings a month ensuring the triangulation between prospect and sales, quality is always an issue and hence this process helps in vetting lead quality.


SAS has successfully been able to nurture named accounts in the various territories that needed more focus and strategy.

SAS was able to generate 25-35 % ROI from 57 meetings delivered

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