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Beyond the code,
Beyond the clicks

Tensai, your all-in-one hub for
Creative web solutions to Social Media Universe.

Here at Tensai, we value your brand. Our bundle of experts clinch that we craft personalized plans and strategies for your business success.

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The Tensai Advantage:
Strategies and Results.

We craft masterplans for your business to success. Our experts will diverse skills and expertise makes sure that we address every aspect of the brand’s digital presence. Tensai goes beyond providing services we become strategic partners in your journey. We stand by keen focus, personalized plans, and a commitment to excellence.

Team up with Tensai, let us navigate you in this Digi Universe.


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Our Services


Social Media Marketing

73% of the marketers agree that social media efforts have been very effective for their business, but without us? well it might not be that effective.

We offer end-to-end Social Media Marketing Services. Tensai’s team of seasoned experts ensure that our process is seamless and transparent along with desired results to amplify your brand’s presence in the Social Media Multiverse.


Website Design & Development

Stanford University revealed that 75% of consumers judge a business credibility based on the website. Imagine if J.K Rowling and Da Vinci worked for you?

Exactly our team goes beyond the standard, offering you a diverse variety of creative elements and functionality that sets your brand apart. Tensai’s skilled team makes sure your website vision comes to reality in the online world.


Influencer Marketing

89% of the marketers believe that influencer marketing ROI is better than other marketing channels. Off course it is.

We curate strategies for influencer marketing that works and relates to the audience. Our priority is Quality over Quantity, we make sure the influencers perfectly align with the brand and the audience. Our focus is shaping the relationships but also reflect a positive impact of the brand among the audience.



65% of businesses report a noticeable improvement in their online visibility and brand awareness through PPC ad campaign, but not everyone has us as their PPC Ads Management Team.

With PPC Ads your brand gains more visibility ensuring a high Return of Investment (ROI). Our specialized team crafts each ad campaigns that targets the right target audience, that aligns and creates a positive impact for the brand.


UI/UX Design

Prioritizing UI/UX Design see up to 200% conversion rates. While design resources are available but everyone has our expert team.

We specialize in seamless, creative and functional web designs and experience that creates an engagement among the users. Our team focuses beyond aesthetics ensuring the user experience is smooth.


Videos &Graphics

Visual Content leads to 80% of conversion rates. Da Vinci and Van Gogh are our inspiration. So yes, we provide you the best aesthetics that your brand needs.

We believe visual are equally as important as content. We love creating eye-catching and cool visuals that catches the attention. We make sure that your brand stands out aesthetically.

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Choose Tensai,

Your hub spot for Web Development to Social Media Management.

Where your brand is not just a client for us but a unique story to be told in the digital universe. We craft successful Strategies that aligns with your brand. Our goal is to deliver quality over quality and create a positive impact among your



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Our testimonial

What Clients Say

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