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Challenges Faced in B2B Appointment Setting, and Tips.

There are plenty of challenges faced in the world of B2B Appointment Fixing. According Richardson’s Annual Selling Challenges Research Study, one of the toughest aspects of Sales Prospecting is securing meetings and appointments with the decisionmakers or influencers of the company. In this blog we will understand about the problems faced inB2B Appointment Setting and

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Social Media Marketing

Driving Unparalleled Brand Awareness and Engagement: A Successful Campaign for Mysa Zinc Journey About Mysa Mysa Zinc Journey by The Fern is a luxurious resort located in Nani Devati, Gujarat. Situated within the beautiful Glade One Golf Club, this tranquil oasis offers 24 rooms and suites that combine contemporary design with traditional Indian charm. Brief

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Event Management

Duravit enhanced it’s positioning in the market with Tensai AUTOAID company Duravit bathroom ceramics and bathroom furniture series are designed by renowned designers and manufactured by experts. Brief Research Event Management Branding and Communication National and International Campaigns Category Events Industry Incorporation Headquarters Hornberg, Germany Company size 7,000 (2022) Objectives End-to-End Event and Branding Campaign

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AutoAid increased Brand Awareness with Tensai AUTOAID company Auto Aid helps vehicle owners to accomplish their vehicle repair, maintenance and support requirements. Auto Aid app connects the vehicle owner and automotive service provider on a single platform providing a hassle free journey. 0 + Services 0 + App Downloads Category Digital Marketing Industry Motor Vehicle


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Unleashing Digital Growth: Digital Marketing Strategies to Supercharge Your Online Presence Digital marketing is a rapidly evolving field that encompasses various strategies and tactics to promote products, services, or brands through digital channels.In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, having a robust growth strategy is essential for businesses looking to thrive and succeed. As the online realm

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“Brands are Turning Pink, Embracing the Barbie Trend in Marketing!”

“Brands are Turning Pink, Embracing the Barbie Trend in Marketing!” The impact of Barbie’s embrace of the colour pink extends beyond aesthetic choices; it signifies a cultural shift and a strategic move within the brand. By turning pink, Barbie not only challenges conventional gender stereotypes but also redefines the narrative around the colour itself. The shift

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CASE STUDY noventiq (softline) Noventiq (SOFTLINE) company 0 Enterprise & SMB clients 0 Account Managers 0 Solution Sales 0 Technical Professionals Category Accounting Based Marketing Industry IT software Headquarters London Company size 6400 (2023) Accounting Based Marketing FACTS 84% of the marketers surveyed, expressed that ABM provided significant benefits to retaining and expanding client relationships


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